Active Leadership is supporting others to be their best. Ask yourself this?

Are you able to help others be their best if you're not at your best?

Or, perhaps you think you're already leading from your best; what if you're not. How do you know for sure?
Effective leadership drives performance best when self-awareness is true and active.

Here's another question. What's your reaction to our tagline?
How do you feel about the slogan, "shitty leaders?"

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Ego-Continuum Solutions Group Ltd FAQ's

Experience the Three Pillars of Active Leadership, and learn to recognise when ineffective, how this affects your company culture resulting in shitty leadership. We customise our modular based approach to learning for your business.

When you talk about right versus kind, does it mean when I choose kind I am wrong?

  • Ask yourself, why do you need to feel right? Is it to ensure the other person is wrong?

  • Communication is about intent. Why are you telling me this? Why do you think I need to know? Why should I care? It’s not about wrong or right; it’s about hearing the other person’s point of view first.

  • It's a self reminder to spot check during interactions how you're showing up

What is the ego-continuum and why should I care?

  • You only have to care if you choose to care

  • It’s a how-to guide to help you understand how to manage your perception management in real time with a focus on feedback delivery, self-awareness and leadership branding.

What is different about this “how-to” leadership guide?

  • It’s easy to follow and understand, direct and applicable

  • Many reflective stories to help you reflect on your past experiences

I don’t like that you’ve used the word shitty here – it’s unprofessional.

  • It’s all about how you choose to assimilate the information - we are not shaming shitty leaders, we are trying to help them become non-shitty leaders. Shitty leaders are not shitty people - they need to adjust behaviours

  • We have found those who protest most are sensitive for a reason other then choosing to be offended – how do you see it?

What is the difference between your balance point and leadership brand zone?

  • Balance point is where you work from your best self

  • Leadership brand zone is where you validate your brand by showing up as the leader you are and the leader you claim to be