The Outcomes of Bold & Authentic Leadership throughout your organisation.

Active Leadership



Effective Feedback


The Outcomes of Active Leadership:

Bold is defined as a person, action or idea, showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous. Of course, there are many definitions, and we will use this one for the purpose of our example.

We support and encourage Innovative Disruption - we recognize change impacts everyone different. Change invokes a fight or flight mentality. We help guide you into and through the discomfort. When you lean into it - the fight or flight options dissipate. When you tap into this understanding that change is imminent and at times is quite disruptive - use that to help motivate yourself to embrace the required changes, not just in yourself, but within your staff and entire organisation.

Change is sometimes the only constant we face; we know change will happen - so you have a choice - fight it or embrace it. Which do you choose?


Outcomes are:

  • Build bold, confident and engaged leaders who recognise and own who they are

  • Develop a unified level of self-awareness across your organisation

  • Reduced unwanted employee attrition – minimise the % of employees who quit due to shitty leaders

  • Create and improve employee/leader trust - establish that vulnerability is a super strength

  • Set up and enable cultural changes to help your resources feel human

  • Create leadership job satisfaction through active employee support, open and honest conversations and a more simplistic framework in support of employee engagement and development

  • Create a great place to work where feedback and development are engrained in your culture


More On Active Leadership:

Experience the Three Pillars of Active Leadership, and learn to recognise when ineffective, how this affects your company culture resulting in shitty leadership. We customise our modular based approach to learning for your business.

  • How to instantly improve feedback delivery

  • Understand, self-recognise and own your leadership brand and immediately witness a paradigm shift in your relationships

  • Learn how the shadows you cast and how they impact your staff and ultimately, your corporate culture

  • Uncover how self-aware you are and thought awareness and the connections to leadership enablement, frequency alignment and negative thinking.

  • Set a relaxed approach developing active employee/leader relationships.

  • Learn the importance of making it no longer about you.

Customised for You:

Our programmes are adult learning inspired by reformed non-shitty leaders with available online portal access for future self-directed learning. All topics are modular and tailored to your needs. New items are regularly updated.

  • Learn how to inspire and recognise that leaders cannot motivate anyone - so what can you do?

  • Find out how to deliver feedback based on the receiver needs - no cookie cutter approach

  • Recognise how to manage individuals as individuals

  • What is your balance point and how do I recognise it

  • What is a leadership brand?

  • Remove the blame and shame game

  • The two questions every leader should ask their employees.

  • Feedback is not an F-word - learn how to do it right the first time

  • How to catch your staff doing things right

  • Why your employees quit (but some still work for you)

  • Why your rewards programme is probably not doing what you intended.

  • How to drive wellness throughout your organisation and the impacts on your business

  • How to build or rebuild your leadership brand and how this drives communications

  • The importance of honesty - but how honest is too honest?

  • The ability to recognise that you may not be as self-aware as you think you are

  • Learn the number one leadership behaviour most leaders miss

  • Setting the stage for trust and integrity

  • Learning that liking me isn't a priority

  • What demanding respect gets you

  • What is your leadership epitaph - the final shadow you cast

  • What is the ego-continuum?

  • What are the links to corporate culture and non-shitty leadership?

From brand new leaders to long-standing executive level leaders - we offer workshops, counselling, support, training, thoughtful discussions and insights. From helping one employee to rebranding your organisational leadership culture, we can rebuild your leadership team capabilities to new heights.

Find out how to deliver feedback based on the receiver needs - no cookie cutter approach.

Our solutions are partnership based. We connect, we develop, we offer next steps progressions, and we make surprise visits. We hold you accountable to make the lasting and positive improvements required to become a real non-shitty leadership team.



Our self-directed learning approach for leadership enablement, with lifetime 24-hour ego-continuers global support group and guidance, hosted webinars by the author and the Ego-Continuum team, along with Q&A. Access to early booking specials to our retreats.

Wellness & Leadership Retreats
Sunshine retreats ranging from a variety of topics with a more engaged and direct approach on leadership enablement, self-awareness development and wellness initiatives. North American and European options available. Plus a great opportunity for us to meet in person.