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Karim D., Virtual Partner Account Manager, Toronto, Canada

"I've had the pleasure to work for Mark early on in my professional career and the experience I gained during that time proved to be one of the most invaluable experiences of my life.

Starting off as a young, early-in-career professional in a corporate environment is often a daunting task. I was no exception. It is a time where one develops habits, business acumen, and work ethics; three very important things that really set the tone for a successful career. Mark really mastered effective communication in a professional setting and, in my opinion, really broke down the traditional barrier between manager and direct report.

Delivering constructive feedback with the genuine intention of solving a problem and helping someone develop is an incredibly difficult thing to do but Mark made it look easy. He is very light hearted with a great sense of humor but was stern and objective focused when he needed to be which as a result was in the best interest of the employee and company.

If I could sum up what I learned from him in one sentence it would be “We win together, we learn together”. I’ve taken this basic principle of leadership and leveraged it throughout my career and it has without a doubt been the most contributing factor to the success I’ve had thus far."