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Mark D, Thames Water, Swindon, UK

“My manager introduced me to Mark because she felt he could help me with my development needs. I wanted to improve my focus and attention at work and also maintain a positive attitude. I’d already tried some training courses that offered me practical solutions to help me prioritise my time and focus on the task in hand. They worked for a short while but never got to the core issue and didn’t affect a change in my habits. All this left me open to trying something different.

During our first session, we just spoke about me as a person. We didn’t look for solutions, we just focussed on who I was and what made me tick. That approach made it a lot less daunting and far easier to get a conversation flowing. From the very start, Mark put me at ease with his friendly personality. He set out clear ground rules for an open and honest discussion by promising complete confidentially. I found it really easy to talk with him. He listened intently to what I was saying and showed a genuine interest in me. Sometimes he asked me questions that were a little more probing and took me out of my comfort zone slightly but in a good way. He asked me all sorts of questions that got me thinking about things I hadn’t thought about for many years. It was actually really insightful and got me thinking for several days after.

After the initial “getting to know you” session, we started talking about what I wanted help with and Mark was able to help me realise my own barriers and find my own solutions to overcoming them. He has a very subtle, non-controlling approach which guides you to your own epiphany moment! I can still remember the moment it clicked for me and it felt so good. I was filled with a new energy and drive to perform. He’s got an inspiring personality that makes you want to be the best you can be.

The great thing about Mark is that he’s a real people person. He’s passionate about people, he’s always got a smile and a great positive energy about him. This makes him an engaging person who people are drawn to. You can’t help but pick up some of that energy when you talk with him and it feels great!

Mark has given me tools that empower me to take control and gain some structure and focus to my work and home life. I can’t thank him enough for the help and support he’s given me.”