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Shayda Y, Yellowknife, Canada

"The connection I have with Mark is very strong, and completely unique. There is a concrete foundation of trust, which is a key element for me, and it creates a path of openness in our talks.

There is nothing I can't tell Mark. Nothing too "strange" or too "serious". Some things that I've kept hidden from others my whole life don't even cause him to blink an eye, and are even combated with a lighthearted comment or observation. There is a directness in his words, which at times is surprising, but completely refreshing, and brings a clear perspective to the surface from my own being.

Being incredibly intuitive, he is able to perceive my struggles with a deeper knowing and understanding of it all, and communicate that back to me clearly. I still think about certain points he has made over a year ago because of the immense clarity they brought me. Our talks are not without humour, as Mark himself is very light hearted, and this adds to an even more comfortable space of communication. Though, all jokes aside, he is always listening, and I am always learning more and more about myself through my journey with him as my coach."