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The Fine Print


We love helping people improve. We are passionate about people and leadership development. Our shitty leadership programme is not to blame or shame; its' meant to incite a reaction; to get you self-reflecting and, when ready, be willing to hold the mirror and look inside.

In some instances, some are not ready or willing to hold the mirror. Instead, they blame the messenger. When deflection happens, and we've seen it before; nothing changes. You can speak with a coach first to help lessen the feelings of shame and self-depreciation and learn how to lean into and own these feelings.

As the deflection becomes the reflection, and you are ready to stop shooting the messenger and make a real investment and commitment to helping you and your organisation for the better, we'll be here willing to help.
However, YOU have to be ready and willing to actively participate - helping you develop is all about you. Keep that in mind.


Ego-Continuum is not responsible for technical issues that may arise before or during an audio/video online meeting

All clients recognise that Ego-Continuum and its staff are certified coaches and not medical practitioners. Upon purchasing a session, all clients are aware that coaching and its related services are not licensed, medical practitioners. All parties understand that we, under no circumstances provide advice or medical diagnosis and should not be considered on par with licensed and medical practitioners.

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