Will we help to improve your team’s productivity by reducing preventable illnesses and stress, while contributing to increased fun in the workplace?

Ego Continuum Wellness will customise the right wellness programs for you and your organisation. We will show you how to monitor and track your individual results or enhance your workplace culture through group challenges and friendly competitions. By implementing incentives, your team will remain motivated and inspired to maintain long-term health and wellness goals. Healthy happy employees equal happy customers.

Here are some core areas Ego Continuum Wellness will customise for you:

Mind, Body & Soul Wellness


Yoga, Dance, Movement, Meditation, Proper Breathing and Relaxation techniques.

We also provide a full suite of personal and life coaching with a focus on weight management, relationship support and career planning.


Lunch and learns with guest speakers offering a variety of health topics customisable based on your interests.

Educational Wellness

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

We come to you! A simple approach to destress and refocus your daily routines. Massage therapy reduces both physical and mental tension.

We offer 10-20-30-60-90 minutes sessions that support your workplace schedules and productivity. These are fully customisable, and we also offer vouchers you can use for staff prizes and incentives.

Nutrition Coaching

For those interested in weight loss support, we all know what you eat is 80% of the struggle. We'll help customise the proper meal plans for you, for the active career person.

Healthy meals, you can easily make so that eating on the run doesn't mean unhealthy. All while maintaining positive energy levels and feeling great.

Nutrition Coaching

Preventative & Corrective Therapy


Our wellness coaches can provide health risk screening, blood pressure clinics, smoking cessation individual and group coaching session, proper posture in the workplace and office based desk exercises.

Personal Training, Boot Camps and Circuit Training

All customisable, on site for you. What a great team building and supportive way to bring your work teams closer together while increasing energy, endurance, stamina and optimal health.

Personal Training & Fitness Coaching


Scroll to the bottom of this page to see my personal journey and transformation. To date, I have lost 280 pounds (20 stone, 127 kilogrammes) and can attribute some of this success to obtaining a level of clarity and truth through my Ego-Continuum discoveries.

When we talk about choosing kind versus right, there are moments of reflection when being kind requires an internal lens. Why do we seem to put ourselves last?

What has worked for me was a combination of diet, exercise and eating healthy, along with the learned behaviours to help change my negative thinking. These changes helped me to forgive past mistakes, take a new outlook on how I view myself and also create a level of forgiveness when I don't make the best food choices. Once I stopped making excuses for what I choose to eat, the eating habits became easier to change. Once I ceased making silly excuses for not going to the gym, I realised that the physical activity made me feel better and helped me to create more productive thoughts. It is a cycle that is fascinating to uncover for yourself.

I am not a personal trainer, I am not a nutritionist, and I am not a weight loss professional. What I am is a guy who will share my journey with anyone who is also struggling with weight or body issues. Those who have tried multiple times for multiple years to find the quick fix, the easy way to lose weight, the magic pill, the program. Nothing will lead to the success you desire until you fully recognise why you've not been able to choose success.

What I eventually was able to recognise was my patterns of behaviour. I started to understand my sabotaging ways and how I was lying to myself for so many years. My self-worth, my fears of weight loss success. Once I was able to get real with ME and learn why I was morbidly obese for 17 years, only then was I able to make the lasting changes. Every day is a weight loss challenge, but I am armed with the thoughts, perseverance and self-support to stop making excuses and just live.

Eat well, move, and take care of yourself in however is best for you, with the right level of advice and support. When you're ready to work the mind and change your thoughts, that's where we can help.

Mark Before & After Losing excess weigh